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Transportation Backoffice System

The back office includes a heavyweight IT processing system that handles usage record keeping, clearance, and settlement. It provides support to the service provider for inventory, legal, finance, marketing, order management, operations support, as well as customer-support.

General Characteristics

Most advanced and user friendly toll revenue collection system in the sector

● Data and Financial Clearing House concepts are used so the system  can be used for all kind of toll collection  projects

● Manages E2E processes from tag/card order to bank account and violation management

● Includes modules for

● Customer Self Care

● Tag/Card management

● Price Plan management

●  Rating

● Configuration

● Lane and Plaza server (view real-time Lane events)

● Violation Enforcement (Fraud management) (VES)

 Report generation

·         Bank interface and Settlement

·         System Monitoring and Inventory

·         Incident management

·         Advanced security options

·         Interoperability (between toll authorities and other revenue collecting authorities)

·         Modular (it can be tailored to meet the requirements of any toll collection project)

·         Scalable to operate in exceptionally high traffic and revenue volume environments

·         Web based and Multi-lingual

·         Basic functions

-                     Receive Transactions (travel data) from the Lane Computer or Validator

-                     Check/Correct/Recalculate Transactions

-                     Forward Rated Transactions to the Bank

-                     Receive Confirmations of the Rated Transactions from the Bank

-                     Receive Black Listed tag/card ids from Bank and forward them to the Lanes

-                     Forward Violated Transactions to the Violation Center (for sub processing)

-                     Update the Fare Tables (Price Plans) and forward them to the Lanes

-                     Generate all kind of statistical, financial, case and performance reports

-                     Analyze vehicle and license plate photo, match license plate with tag_id

·         The application can be used for speed control. It checks the travel time between two specific gateways and fine the driver if necessary

·         The application can also be used to check plate registration, emission registration, traffic fine control and car insurance

·         It can be configured to trigger an alarm when a traced vehicle enters the highway

·         It is possible to

-                     analyze drivers routes

-                     monitor traffic density

-                     make real-time traffic analysis

-                     integrate system with Intelligent Traffic Systems

·         It is used in the most comprehensive ETC project of the world (proven and stable)

·         The high performance and reliability of our BackOffice solutions ensure rapid toll payment and payback of infrastructure investments, along with improved tolling enforcement.

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